Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vietnam -- What IS That gawd Aweful Smell???

This is a job no one wanted to do. Furthermore, I have no idea who came up with this stinky idea but it required a human to perform do it.

We didn't have snitation engineers assigned to do this.  Rather the job was given to either a newbee for a few weeks or someone who was on the First Sergeant's, literally, shit list.

Basically you pulled the 1/3 bootom a 55 gallon drum out from under the shit house -- if you were a regular at this -- you would have a long distance device to help you add distance between the human deposits and your nose -- drag it out to the burn area.

The final step was to mix kerosine with the poop and put it on fire until the proceeds of the day were burned.

I never had to do this directly.  But I had to watch a Vietnam woman do it. Even at 25 feet away, the smell was worse than the bog of eternal stench.  

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