Friday, May 13, 2011

Vietnam --I Am Not A NARC

I loved to listen to loud mouthed, drunk or high soldiers yip per yapping about what was on their mind on all sorts of subjects. 

On one of those nights, I happened to hear them talking about me. The congress of souls were the marijuana soldiers. Commonly referred to as pot heads.

Because of the fact that illegal drugs were involved, these had more of the shoot you first and ask questions later mentality. They were also the more paranoid.

So, if you didn't drink or we're a pothead, if you were an enlisted soldier, you had to be a NARC.
A NARC is an undercover narcotics police officer or a drug informant.

One of the quickest ways of getting a bullet in the head and leave Nam in a body bag is to have the local house of potheads agreeing you're a NARC.

I may have been single, had no interest in drinking or smoking dope.

That didn't mean I was a NARC.

They thought I had to have been.

I wasn't.

But had I been, I would have busted these yo yos.

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