Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vietnam -- Mics Incidents And Accidents

A crew chief, SP4 James Johnson turns the barrel of a mini gun and the shrapnel from the round makes a deep cut in his hand.  I have to run him over to the field dispensary for stitches and bandages.
Two men over at the ammo dump decided to play chicken with a live grenade.  I goes off, kills the two of them and destroys millions of dollars worth of ammo.
One of the fuel bladders over at the refueling point for the 101st Aviation Battalion catches fire and burns. A water -- not foam -- fire truck is sent.  Took the bladder hours to finally burn itself out.
Either right at midnight or just past it between June and July, I hear the un-mistakable sound of enemy B-40 rounds being fired off by the enemy. I counted 15. The entire outside parameter lit up.
I watched the rounds hit the 2/320th stand down area. Watched me run through the exploding rounds.
It was like watching a movie but the men weren't actors and the dying were not getting back up for acting awards.

One round hit the CQ Office and blew up in the face of the E-5 on CQ duty.
Another E-5 on CQ duty was killed when he started up a jeep. The jeep was rigged to kill the First Sergeant but the CQ died instead.

SP4 Dillon gets reprimanded after sending condolences to the mother of one of men who got killed in the mid-air over Fire Base Nancy. The Army listed him as MIA.

Some punk kid in a village between Camp Eagle and Phu Bi tried stealing my watch. I could have shot him dead. Didn't.

In Hue, a street cop tells two kids on a moped to stop.  When they don't, he pulls out his gun.  They paid attention to that.

A civilian working on base is spotted walking our flightline and is held for questioning.

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