Friday, May 20, 2011

Vietnam -- Ranks

The following is a list of the various ranks in the Army:

E1 Private
No Stripe

E2 Private 2                 
One Stripe

E3 Private First Class       
One Stripe with a rocker below

E4 Specialist 4th Class      
Upside down PFC insignia no stripes

E4 Corporal                  
Two stripes
E5 Sergeant                  
Three stripes

E6 Staff Sergeant            
Three stripes with one rocker

E7 Sergeant First Class      
Three stripes with two rockers

E8 Master Sergeant           
Three stripes with three rockers

E8 First Sergeant            
Same as above but with a diamond in the center

E9 Sergeant Major            
Same as above but with a star in the middle

E9 Command Sergeant Major    
Same as above but with a  star and wreath

E9 Sergeant Major of the Army 
Same as above but with a cluster between two diamonds

Warrant Officers

W1 Warrant Officer
Silver bar with brown or black square in the middle

W2 Chief Warrant Officer  2   
Same as above with two black squares in the middle

W3 Chief Warrent Officer  3   
Same as above with three black squares in the middle     

W4 Chief Warrent Officer  4   
Same as above with four black squares filling the bar

W5 Chief Warrent Officer  5   
Same As above with Five narrow black squares


01  First Lieutenant       
Gold bar

02  Second Lieutenant      
Silver bar

03  Captain                
Two silver bars tied together

05  Major                  
Gold Oak Leaf Cluster

06  Lieutenant Colonel     
Silver Oak Leaf Cluster

07  Colonel                
Winged Eagle

08  Brigader General       
1 Star

09  Major General          
2 Stars

10  Lieutenant General     
3 Stars

11  General                
4 Stars

General Of The Army
5 Stars


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