Friday, November 24, 2017

About the author and blog owner

First off, I would love to hear from anyone who wants to add comments or add their own personal stories to this blog.

Okay, so who am I -- past my Vietnam and post Vietnam Army time.

Well, to begin with, I am an X Microsoft employee. Who was what we call in the business of IT a full time employee (FTE) from 1998 to 2002. Between 1996 to 2013, I have worked for Microsoft in a variety of roles and offering a variety of skill sets.

Before that, I worked at the refineries in and around Lake Charles, LA.  I started in 1981 as a helper and left Louisiana as an A Craft outside machinist and B Craft Pipe Fitter. Again, a lot of various jobs in between. Including working with the safety specialist as an assistant and working as a foreman.

I tried going to college at Pima Community College and McNeese State University, but children come first and the GI Bill didn't cover enough to pay the bills.

I did net 75 credit hours between 1979 and 1989 and majored in English.  I wanted to work myself into the MFA program but that never happened. I had some pretty close calls with personnel achievements such as getting published in Arizona Quarterly -- they wanted me to rewrite my work to include 1500 words to a 3000 words and since I write tight, I found it almost impossible to fluff up the work.

I also know Robert Olen Butler, Shirrel Rhoades and Bruce Helford personally.

In fact, Shirrel Rhoades added two of my photographs to a collection of 135 photographers he considered to have significant impact on the history of photography to the South Carolina Arts and Design (SCAD).

Up until 1996, I added additional income to feed a family of five from my writing and photography. I have thousands of bylines and while I haven't actually done a body count on how many were commerical and how many were trade publications, a rough guess would be 60% trades and 40% commercial.

The list of publications is huge. American Fitness, Better Homes and Gardens, Bicycling Magazine, Bow Hunting Magazine, Army Times, Saga Magazine, and the Writer come quickly to mind.  

As for the trade publications, these can actually be broken down into actual business related publications and actual trade publications.

American Salesman, Small Business Opportunities, Opportunity Magazine, Income Opportunities and Income Plus are examples of this kind of publications with my bylines. I was listed as Contributing Editor for Opportunity Magazine and have two chapters in a book that Income Opportunities published titled Mind Your Own Business -- edited by Steven Wagner.

I am indirectly responsible for River Boat Gambling in Lake Charles and some of my work in American Salesman has worked its way into an E-Book.

As for pure trade publications, Army/Navy Surplus, Bicycle Business Journal, Outdoor Power Equipment and Unfinished Furniture are names that come to me quickly.


Believe this or not, one day in April right after my third daughter was born, I sat down an wrote 7 2,100 commercial fiction articles.  Between 1980 and 1987, five of those 7 have gone into print. One was revised to exclude a scene where a Army helicopter was used as a vehicle for a bank heist.

We were at the "blues" -- meaning into production -- stage, when a reality of the fiction actually took place at Fort Polk.

I also have a bit of a special photo niche that involves body makeup. Similar to the Goldfinger makeup but different in the later 70s and early 80s to turn heads and attract a cash flow. Nothing pornographic, just art.

The images were stocked by Black Star Publishing in New York and were published world wide.

The makeup was also on stage with Jefferson Starship.

Currently, I'm working in IT providing consulting services for what is known as Microsoft System Center Suite. When I'm not actually on assignment or working remotely from home, I work on my blogs, stay up on the never ending changes in what I support and create software that I hope will increase income revenues.