Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vietnam Era -- Summary

When Richard Nixon decided to reduce the amount of troops in the US Army, my time in the service was shortned by 6 months. So my ETS -- Estimated Time of Separation -- was now December 1st, 1971 insead of May 1, 1972.
So between May of 1971 and Dec of 1971, I had a lot to do and got a lot done. Aside from getting rid of 450 Adler typewriters, I took care of incoming calls from both civilian and military that had equipment with support contracts and then called support to fix the issues.
I inventoried both classified and non-classified equipment and maintained them. I worked with the local military supply and support organizations and created a working relationship with them so that when we needed our military equipment such as our radios worked on, anyone would know who to contact and what they would work on.
I was replaced by one Caption, one SFC, two E5s and one female SP4. And Sergent Drayfus in front of my wife begged for me to stay in.
I got out.

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