Friday, May 13, 2011

Vietnam -- No peace for those who served.

The other day while going to Barnes And Nobles I was stopped before entering by six young men about the same age as I was back in Vietnam. They immediately went into the sales pitich on how I should wear a small flag pin so that all the proceeds would go to WWII, Korean and Vietnam Veterans.

So, my wife got a pin from them and headed into the store.

I knew better.  And as she found out, it was for WWII veterans only so they could go to DC apparently they do this gig once a year. Serves to promote a war that happened before I was born.

A lady the other day heard me talking on the phone about Vietnam and when the call was done, she said, "Couldn't help but hearing you were over in Vietnam."

"Yes", I said.  Between 1969 and 1970."

"Welcome home," she said in a voice and way that sounded totally fake and canned.

I'm sure she meant well. But after the first time you hear it from someone else, it is more of an insult then a fond salute. Say that with a home I can welcome them to. After the war, the prices have been so jacked up, I still can't afford one.

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