Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vietnam -- Story snippets that are true

The Day Two Twin Brothers decided to blow up our ammo dump.  Ammo dumps are notoriously known to be juciy targets for the enemy. After all,  hitting one successfully does produce secondary explosions.

So, its bad enough to have a ammo dump a few miles away that could possibly be blown up by enemy attacks. But to have two of your own -- twins non-the-less -- blow one up while playing chicken with a live gernade, is pretty damn stupid.

What do they care, they got blown up with the dump.

You hear some pretty wild war stories. Cavalry AH-IG Cobra gunships spearing Charlie with their skids.  Sound pretty far fetched but true.

While on the subject of skids, two pilots from C Battery take off in a AH-IG Cobra and climb to 3000 feet. While flying at an angle equal to a rocket run, the back seat notices the controls are stuck.  He tries to fight back control of the chopper but cannot.

The force of crashing into the ground rips off the skids and the AH-IG Cobra bounces back into the air. Whatever had caused the accident is no longer locking the controls and the chopper heads back to base. The helicopter is safely landed ontop of rocket boxes.

Again, may sound pretty far fetched but true.

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