Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vietnam Era -- Time to meet my sidekick

After finishing up Country Joe And The Fish, I did a bit of fishing myself -- for a wife. I bought a motorcycle, rode with friends and got promoted to E-5. I found a pretty read head who got into hot water.  She and a CQ got caught having sex and she was totally tramatized by it. I took her riding with my favorite few and told her that dispite this, she was a totally amazing woman.
I met a girl by the name of Star Gallagher.  She was a lot of fun but wanted to keep having fun and didn't want to settle down. A few nights later I saw her over at the NCO Club with a very cute young lady. She was quick to smile and said her name was Mary Garner.
There was instantly a bond between the two of us..the kind that gives you both hot and cold feelings.  The kind that tells you that you better be ready to make that fantasy of a family a reality.
So while the feeling were more than hot and passionate, I backed away for a few weeks and got yelled at By Star for making a full commmitment.
So, I did. There's only one problem with making a full life commitment.  You have to deal with the people who don't want that to happen.
My future wife's GT score was 155. My highest ever was 122.
I get called in to an E-7 Marines office and am told to leave her alone. I don't listen real well.
I then get put on order to go to Korea.
We get married instead. We've been married ever since.
Sometimes, I'm glad I don't listen.

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