Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vietnam -- Time Line Distortion

I haven't figured out where these go
I haven't quite figured out where these go just yet:
Fire fight between Marines and our exterior parameter guards.
36 AFA helicopters fly in formation over Camp Eagle.
I few in an Air Force Cessna Sky Wagon up to the DMZ and take a picture of the 30x50 foot red flag with a gold star in the middle of it. Our S-2 stole it from me.
Officers at Battalion have a social gathering and I witness a male nude ass picking up a shot glass by his butt cheeks.
Our Battalion CO flies some VIPs out to the A shau Valley.
We fly past a CH-47 as it drops bladders filled with foo-gas and armed with firing charges so that as soon as they hit the ground, they would leak into cracks and crevices and then catch fire. This was up at the rock pile.

I fired a Law at a firing range on Camp Eagle.

Bates -- the kid I helped get through Cobra school -- gets court marshaled for holding an M-79 grenade launcher to his COs head as he tripped out and thought his CO was an enemy soldier.
Craig Gies and Denny Cramp had watched too much MASH as the two started hitting each other with the helmets while I drove them to Eagle Beach.

We fly down to Red Beach and I take pictures of an OH-10 Mohawk landing on the PSP.
Someone came up with "We take the worry out of getting to close, " as the slogan I was to use in our photo-feature on the 4/77th. I think it was Joe Maxsom.

Craig Gies almost lands in jail -- me with him -- when he made some loud noises inside the supply area of A Company, 5th Trans. I said it sounded like some monkeys rooting around back there. Actually, I was wrong, there was only one.

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