Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vietnam -- We didn't lose. We moved on.

I am way sick and tired of hearing about Vietnam as being where the American Armed Forces lost the war.

If any history can be written about Vietnam, I'nn sure the tone and words will paint a single summary pointing out that we lost the war. So, for the record, for all you soicalite bullshit mother fuckers out there who think we did, do us Vietnam Veterans a big favor and go into alnother line of work..

Same goes for all you NVA  and  ARVN yellow men who have the audicity to come over here and tell our kids we lost the war to you. Tell you what, if you've become a US Citizen, let me know your name, I'll  will prsonally make sure your ass is shipped back over to the rice paddies where you belong and you can smell your own shit..

There wasn't any war to lose, no conflict to win, oly thing the NVA or south Vietnamese gained was the abilit to join North with South Vietnam. Wow, like the only reason why we were there was to stop them from doing this?

I suppose we just lost the war in Lybia becuase we were there and gave a damn about the rebels but didn't kill Gadhafi.

The military was told to leave Vietnam. The military didn't decide to leave on its own.

Few people remember that Ladybird Johnson owned shares in Sealand, Bell Helicopter and a few other well known businesses.  Businesses who profited well from the war. The wife of the late Presedent Lyndon Baines Johnson.

But the President's wife wasn't the only ones profiting from the war, all one has to do is realize there was at least one trailer in Saigon for each Senitor to relize flow of wealth from the war was flowing through Vietnam and into the pockets of a lot of people throughout the course of our military presence there.

Vietnam as well as many  -- if not all -- of the REFORGER exercises in Germany were ways we showcased and sold arms, ammunition, and equipment to almost anyone in the world.


You shouldn't be. What better way of proving the products of war work then to show them off in situations where they display their abilities. Its the politics of weapondry and its been going on as far back as they day man used products of war to gain an advantage over his "enemy".

This may surprise you as well. 

We weren't the agressors. 

We were there to provide support.for the ARVN Army. While it is true we actively engaged the enemy, for the most part, it was only when we were were being shot at that we responded with force.

So, you can't say we won or lost when the only thing we did do was react to hostile fire.

Another aspect of the situation we were involved with was the notion that many of the ARVN officers were working for both sides and would compromise our every move.

Today, with cell phones, GPS and modern computers, it would be much harder for the NVA and rogue ARNN commandes to completely eliminate the element of surprise. Back in the late 60s and early 70s, using radios to communicate intentions and the movement of soldiers compromised the elment of surprise and placed equipment and men in harms way.


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