Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vietnam -- We did make a differnce

Sometimes the best "wins" of war aren't accomplished on the battlefield. Instead, the wins can be measured by human accomplishments.

I think that's one of the reasons why Drakes Uncharted Fortune appeals so much to me. Take a relatively average guy with a name like Drake and associate him with Francis Drake and a mindset of a pirate; you've got the essentials needed to play out one heck of an adventure.

But unlike the character in the game, you just don't come back to life when you mix the same soup with reality.

You still have to have the potential to rise above adversity and know what you have done has made a difference.  You also have to be able to survive and add the moment to the collections of wins you've added along the way.

I don't think the majority of us really wanted to go to Vietnam.  There may be some who did.  And for whatever reason they had, a good majority of those soldiers did not come home. Hero or not, their stories never got told.

I created this blog not to "glory days" the memories of Nam -- nor try to play up the role I played in finding parts, rebuilding the unit and becoming the Battalion's stringer.

I was more interested in getting the time line down and then adding to that the stories that were associated with the activities that occurred along the way.

But if you read what I had written, you will notice that none of my "wins" were rewarded with citations, medals, or immediate promotions.

Whether or not you agree that these should of happened, I didn't expect it.

I didn't expect it as a child -- I think I saved my brothers from getting killed at least once a year and I managed a 12 aircraft flight of 30 kids from Moorestown Airfield to Lock Haven, PA to tour Piper Aircraft without recognition.

Been working since 7.  I paid for most of my clothes, food and other activities from my own money while working, going to high school and running my flying club.

I just took it as being just another day. And making end making ends met.

The same attitude was brought to Vietnam and tested.  Seemed to work well there, too. With very similar results.

Funny thing about all of this: I was also a physically and exually abused as a child.

So yeah, every win felt extra special to me. And, yes, what I did made a difference.

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