Monday, June 6, 2011

Vietnam -- Ground movement sensors

As I learned more and more about the war in Vietnam, it became painfully clear to me that we needed a way to know the movement of the enemy forces along the Ho Chi Minh Trail along the Ashu Valley.

Not only needed to know the movement but the positions and places where they stopped the most or when they stopped completely.

Now, I'm not a complete expert on electronics but it stands to reason that if I can say, hey, if we place a rod into a metal casing and surround that with oil.  Once dropped from a helicopter and buried into the ground, the device would be sent a signal where the rod would be suspended in the oil in such a way that any vibrations would send out a signal.

Once this was secure into the ground, if the NVA tried pulling up the device, a 5 pound high explosive device would get armed and the NVA would no longer try pulling these out of the ground.

The Army actually did create ground sensors to my muse. Please click this link to discover more.

I had a couple of other ideas but they've been done in the movie Iron Man.

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