Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vietnam -- Quad 40s, Quad 50s, 175s and 8 inch eardrum busters

A five ton truck pulls up to the outside parameter at Camp Eagle.  I backs up into position. It looks like a typical five ton flatbed truck but that's about the only thing that is typical about it.  The operator of the equipment gets out of the truck's cab and proceeds to sit in the middle of a hydraulic nightmare.

He moves the turret around and then checks his ammo feeds. All of the guards out on night time guard duty aren't watching what's out in front of them. Their eyes are fixed like glue on what is on that 5 ton truck.

"Anyone got some earplugs" asks one soldier whose been in Vietnam longer than a year, "Its really going to get noisy around here."

A few minutes later, flares start filling the sky and the outside parameter begins to light up with all sorts of light weapons fire.

But the one weapon commanding attention is a four barrel gun from hell were known as Quad 40s and Quad 50s.

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